We believe there are no spectators in the Body of Christ. Every believer has been gifted and should be actively participating in the life of their home church. Listed below are ways you can volunteer at CCC. If you would like to help in any of these areas, contact us via the form on the right or call us at 740.353.1633.


Audio/Video Team – Do you speak visually? Is "Music Rules" your mantra? Are you the one everybody wants on there charades team? Media Ministry Team Members are the out-of-sight specialists that help make the CCC worship experiences happen. We arrive early, stay late and give our all for the entire weekend, worshiping through lights, sound and video.

Greeting Team – Enthusiasm. Outgoing. Friendly. These character qualities are vital to those who greet folks. Our greeters are responsible to arrive early at the church building in order to extend a warm welcome to all who walk through our doors.

Growth Group Leadership – We are always looking to expand our Growth Group Ministry. If you would like to open your home for a weekly Bible discussion, contact us. Once we receive your information, we will provide you with all the materials and training necessary to launch a Growth Group.

Nursery – Nursery Volunteers are responsible for the care of infants and toddlers for the entire worship service. Nursery Volunteers arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of the service to greet parents as they drop off their children at the Nursery. Nursery Volunteers will also help teach a brief Bible lesson to the toddlers. Nursery Volunteers serve once every 9-10 weekends and must be available for Saturday and Sunday services.

Parking Lot – As CCC continues to grow, parking spaces are difficult to find. Our Parking Lot Volunteers are responsible to greet families as they arrive on the parking lot and guide them to park in an orderly fashion.

Praise Band – Music is one of the avenues we use to worship God. Our Praise Bands are comprised of instrumentalists and vocalists. Currently we are looking for people who are gifted playing instruments. There are times when we need to add vocalists to a group.

Promiseland Station Leaders – A Station Leader is responsible for leading a learning activity with a small group of children. The activity could be a game, craft, or other learning experience. All materials are provided and organized for the Station Leader. Station Leaders are assigned one weekend every 2 months and must be available for Saturday and Sunday services.

Promiseland Story Teller – The Storyteller is responsible for sharing God's Word with the children. Using the materials we provide, Storytellers engage the children through hands-on, active lessons. Storytellers are assigned one weekend every 2 months and must be available for Saturday and Sunday services.

Promiseland Worship Leader – If you are a great facilitator and love leading a large group of children in singing, this job is for you. You are the key to making the Promiseland experience run smoothly. We provide all the materials necessary for a successful weekend. Worship Leaders generally serve once every 4 - 8 weekends.

Security – CCC desires to insure the safety of all who walk through our doors. Our Security Team is in place to provide a secure environment for our children while they are in Promiseland as well as the adults while they are in the worship service.